In recent years, the ongoing battle for a breast cancer cure has gained notoriety as more and more lives have become touched by the devastating emotional and physical trials of cancer. Such jewelry can provide an ideal way in which to extend both emotional and practical support for those living with cancer. For instance, a friend or family member fighting ovarian cancer might greatly appreciate a beautiful teal ribbon bracelet set with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls or a necklace with hand set crystal on a toggle link bracelet.

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pandora bracelets A list of required materialsFurnace 1 Quart paint can 10 LB bag Quickrete Butane torch 1″ x 7″ pipe 1/2″ diameter steel pipe 3/4″ diameter copper pipe caps 10 Ga. Steel wire Brick (without holes) Something to mix the concrete in Something to mix the concrete with Small piece of cardboard Masking tape Hand tools Dremel (optional)Molds Faster Plaster Water Source of wax (unscented candles work well) Carving tools (exacto knives work well) Small wooden blocks Heat source (microwave works well)Casting suppliesAny metal with a melting point under 2000 Degrees FSmall fire to heat mold, camp stoves work greatPliersFinishing Tools Supplies Polishing compound Dremel with: Polishing Wheel, Engraving Bits (optional), Diamond Cutting Wheel (to cut stone) Fine sandpaper (if casting is rough) Claps, rings, fasteners, chains etc. (available at most craft stores such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby) Marine grade epoxy (to set stone) A box to put finished jewelry in (optional)is it possible to place the stone in the mold (loosly) than pore the metal on top, so that the metal forms around the stone? this will eliminate the need for the epoxy pandora bracelets.

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