„I still can’t figure out why I liked the guy,” Ross shoots back. It’s like this all day with Sammy and Ross a floating Hope and Crosby road show. Through thick and thin heartache and love the two men have been closer than brothers. The best thing about living in Brooklyn is reading hilarious, oblivious accounts of what living in Brooklyn is like. Wayward journalistic attempts at infiltrating youth culture are a time honored tradition, geography notwithstanding: The winsomely confused recent Santa Barbara Independent treatise that began, „There’s only one viable avant garde art form nowadays, and it’s called indie rock” and declared Devendra Banhart „the Bob Dylan heir apparent of this age” sure was a hoot. But they’re infinitely better when they focus on Brooklyn generally Williamsburg, specifically in the befuddled reader’s mind’s eye a toxic utopia of snooty, self obsessed coolness fueled by retro fetishism, mindless elitism, and paralyzing narcissism..

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