Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan



    The IT infrastructure is the pillar of each company. What does it happen when the system stops working? To what risks is the company exposed? The answer is simple: information loss, disturbed activity, reduced productivity and profits. The Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan is a crucial plan in order to eliminate any of these situations.


    In order to benefit from the most efficient plan, it is necessary to identify the key activities, as well as the essential equipment that are crucial for the core activity. After these indispensable elements are identified, a plan is designed to eliminate any disturbing factors and protect the most important assets of the company.


    Following these actions, we also bring a series of preventive measures, of Disaster Recovery type. In case of a crisis, these actions allow us to bring the IT system back to normal, to avoid data loss and reduce the effects of the crisis to a minimum.