Audit & Consulting



    While the business analysis focuses on the means through which the IT infrastructure sustains the commercial objectives, the technical analysis focuses on the verification of the entire IT system and on how secure and safe the whole environment is. We identify and validate the IT equipment and the effect it has on the general activity, with the potential deficiencies. We evaluate the IT risk at company level, assuring the safety of the environment.


    The audit results would not bring any added value without being transformed into new IT objectives, which support both the commercial and the operational objectives. Understanding the IT infrastructure and the ongoing processes, we establish with our client the objectives and the suitable timeframe to accomplish them. In order to achieve them, our specialized team designs personalized solutions in order to reach the individual objectives and needs of each company. Based on the objectives discussed, we transform these into an accessible effective and practical plan.  


    The sustainability of the solutions represents one of the most important aspects when establishing the objectives. We always optimize the costs needed in order to implement our solutions, especially through improved workforce productivity and efficient energy consumption, factors that may increase the profit of any company.