It creates a hybrid model, namely, outsourced but still customized services, at the level of the specifics of the activity, of the necessary technical knowledge but especially of the organizational culture and of the aspects related to morality.

The globalization of business has also led to a globalization of competencies, the access to certain general or specific knowledge being a democratized one and to some very competitive rates.

Objective - 100% personalized service

Challenge - calibration on the job description and integration with an already created team

The main difference between outsourcing IT services and hiring IT staff is that in the first model the service provider is committed to achieving a certain result (e.g. monitoring and managing IT infrastructure) at a rate and under predefined conditions.

In the case of assigning an IT staff, the service provides a qualified resource, for a certain number of hours, with some clearly set objectives and an activity managed entirely by the client company. Following the "spend money to make money" model, a dynamic allocation of resources helps you become more efficient and flexible, fixed when you need it most.

We manage to efficiently manage the human factor starting with the recruitment process based on behavioural analysis and evaluation, implicitly achieving a psychological profile of the future employee and ending with the employment agreement, job description and regular training on management and communication.


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By filling-in the questionnaire below, followed by a meeting in which we understand the particularities of the activity and the challenges of the business, will facilitate you access to a set of IT solutions and services, thus creating the framework for a future collaboration.

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