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In simple translation, cloud computing involves renting hardware, software and network resources, to the detriment of a direct purchase, paying directly proportionally to what you use.
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is one of the cloud service models, with the main benefits being stability, security, reliability and scalability.

We live in a time when time is running out, we want immediate results and we need things to be completed quickly, efficiently and reliably.
By adopting an IaaS solution, you eliminate major investments in advance and access the resources you need, when you need them and as much as you need.

Who do we address to?

Any company that aims to be competitive, innovate and adopt medium and long term development strategies.
The need for integrability, collaboration and security makes the virtual environment the first choice of companies that define or adapt their development strategy to the demands of the business environment.

How does IaaS work?

IaaS customers access resources and services through a WAN type network, over the Internet, using the space allocated to install applications.

For example, the user can connect to the IaaS platform:

  • to create virtual machines (VMs);
  • to install operating systems in each VM;
  • to manage databases;
  • for storing documents and backups.

Customers can then use HyperHost services to monitor the cost and performance of both resources used and network traffic to troubleshoot application issues, but especially to benefit from disaster information recovery.

The HyperHost solutions we provide are customizable and are divided into resources dedicated to storage and resources dedicated to the production environment.

A virtual hosting environment provides computing resources, network and security equipment, from dedicated virtual servers, storage space to FIREWALL AS A SERVICE or DISASTER RECOVERY AS A SERVICE

FIREWALL AS A SERVICE is a complete security solution, of the Next-Generation Firewall type, which covers functionalities such as IPS, antivirus, encrypted traffic analysis, antispam, etc.

Disaster Recovery as a Service allows you to restore systems, infrastructure and critical data, as well as resume activity following natural disasters, security breaches or human error.

The technical characteristics of the data center

respect the most demanding norms in the field and amount to an investment of over 500,000 Euros, consisting of:

  • air conditioning and ventilation system; CCTV surveillance
  • fire detection and extinguishing system
  • infrastructure security and operation monitoring systems
  • virtualization environments: VMware, Citrix and HyperV
  • top technical support 24/7; automated preventive maintenance
  • HP servers; Fortinet & Cisco network equipment
  • vCPU in 1 GHz units, RAM in 1 GB units, storage in 50 GB units, on different
  • performance levels: SSD, SAS or SATA
  • redundant hardware architecture at all levels: controllers – disks – networking
  • intuitive graphical interface, with which we can allocate resources dynamically, based on the degree of loading


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