Fiecare inceput de an vine la pachet cu noi dorinte, iar calea pana la a deveni obiective si realizabile pe deasupra, este lunga si anevoioasa. Cheia succesului este perseverenta, insemnand pasi mici, fermi si constanti, cu obligativitatea sa-ti placa ceea ce faci, chiar si mai mult de atat – “Be Obsessed or Be Average”, spune Grant Cardone in cartea cu acelasi nume.

Un exemplu in acest sens este Elon Musk, iar Ashlee Vance, autorul cartii “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future“, mentioneaza urmatoarele:


  • Musk’s unique passion is the desire to save mankind from destruction. It’s this goal that fueled his work on solar power, electric cars and space exploration, and, ultimately, led to his prodigious success. This concern never leaves his mind, and has instilled in him an unshakeable determination to get things done. Of course, this doesn’t always manifest itself well. Musk is notorious for setting unrealistic goals, assigning incredible workloads and verbally abusing his employees.


  • The way Musk sees it, you can either commit 100 percent to changing the history of the world, or not at all. And he’s no hypocrite, either. Musk’s sense of purpose is plainly evident in his grueling weekly schedule. Monday begins at SpaceX, in Los Angeles, where he works until Tuesday night. He then jets to Silicon Valley, where he spends Wednesdays and Thursdays at Tesla. Then it’s a flight back to L.A. There’s no way someone could commit to such a lifestyle without believing in what they were doing. This tactic of success-through-determination came to be a distinct approach in all areas of Musk’s life.
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