Backup as a Service, HyperVault

CASCO insurance for your business!

HyperVault is the best, small investment with high added value that you can make to your company, in the idea that you have a backup of your critical data, at another location, completely separate from the production environment, thus having the possibility of a complete restoration.

Data is the essence of any organization and unfortunately a staggering 60% of companies that lose critical information, lock up within 6 months of losing it. HyperVault is easy to configure, integrates natively with any type of storage medium, virtual or physical, has a redundant disk-to-disk-to-disk design and allows backups to both the file system and to complex structures (databases, virtual servers, etc.)

Technical specifications

  • Scalable storage – from 10GB to TB level
  • Easy internet access, with guaranteed or shared bandwidth
  • Dedicated connectivity via Ethernet / IP VPN
  • 3 storage classes: Solid State Drives (SSD), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)
  • Equipment – Synology
  • Veeam Licensing

Weaknesses of a company before the implementation of HyperVault

  • inability to recover data and serve customers
  • temporary interruption of activity and even bankruptcy
  • legal repercussions
  • reputational risk
  • additional costs with recovering lost data and resuming business
  • loss of business opportunities
  • CAPEX type expenses
  • impact on the company’s profitability and cash flow

The benefits of implementing HyperVault

  • Avoid data loss
  • Zero initial investment and low data protection costs
  • OPEX type investment (fixed monthly cost)
  • Quickly activate HyperVault service
  • Fast data recovery, at granular level (files, emails or objects) or completely
  • High data availability (over 99.9)
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • 95% reduction in backup and restore time

The information gives power and we are aware of the danger of its exposure, therefore we take the necessary measures to represent your business interests.

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